3 peaks

Welcome to 3 Peaks, Polish Street food trailer in Denver, Colorado. Check out our menu and history and check out the Calendar for events we will be serving this 2024 season.

Smacznego !

our menu

We offer 3 of the most iconic Polish street food items.

Not a lot of people know about Zapiekanka. Often compared to French Pizza bread with it's similar look, but it has a delicious mushroom sauce instead of red sauce. Paired with original spicy Pudliszki ketchup, it's guaranteed to be the most unique food you have ever tasted. It originated in 70's when the baguette made it's way from France and was topped of with mushroom and onion paste, cheese and veggies. These creations were served out of small campers N126 that were the first food trucks/trailers of any kind.

Knysza is often called a " Polish Kebab". It's origins comes from small food booth by the train station in Wroclaw where it was invented in mid 90's with influence of Turkish Kebab served in Germany. Stuffed with red and green cabbage, carrots, tomatoes and garlic sauce, the pita creation is as filling and delicious as you can imagine.

We are serving a Polish Sausage plate. This includes a grilled 8" Polish Sausage ( Wiejska or Zwyczajna sausage ) straight from Polish meat producer in Chicago - Belmont Sausage. Along with the sausage we serve cole slaw, Polish spicy mustard ( Kamis ), pickle spear and slice of bread. This fulfilling combo will keep you full for a long time.